Ojai Wine Festival
Barefoot Winery Honors the Ojai Wine Festival’s 30th Anniversary with Cake and Barefoot Bubbly

Photo by Stephen Adams Photography

The Barefoot Winery, a long-term supporter and great fan of the Ojai Wine Festival is planning to celebrate the festival’s 30th Anniversary in a special ceremony at 3:30 PM at this year’s event. Barefoot Wines will be serving a spectacular Barefoot Moscato Wine Cake made by the gifted Ellen Sherwood of Bella Aroma Cakes! She pairs wine, liqueurs or your favorite beer with a delicious cake recipe and turns it into a delectable masterpiece. What a delightful way to celebrate! Ojai Wine Festival patrons can enjoy a slice of Moscato Cake while toasting this great milestone with Barefoot Moscato Spumante.

Randy Arnold, the Barefoot Ambassador, says, “The Ojai Wine Festival is one of our favorite benefits in North America.” “Every year the Barefoot Winery supports over 3,000 benefits for non-profits. Barefoot is making the world a better place through wine! All of us Barefooters pouring look forward to the Ojai Wine Festival every year. It is an important tradition for Barefoot and we’re extra thrilled to be able to celebrate an amazing 30 years for the Rotary Club of Ojai-West who puts this fantastic fundraising event on every year!”