The 29th Annual Painting

Painted by renowned artist William Dorsey.

We get many compliments on the beautiful artwork on our annual poster for the Ojai Wine Festival. The landscape of Ojai’s prominent Post Office Tower and downtown Arcade that captures the town’s famous “Pink Moment” of the valley’s mountains has become not just our logo for the Ojai Wine Festival but also a famous icon for the city of Ojai. William Dorsey has generously allowed us to use his artwork every year and for that we are very grateful.

William Dorsey

Portrait by Donna Granata – 1998

California Impressionist William Dorsey has been traveling and painting throughout California, the American South-West and Alaska for nearly fifty years. Painting for William is synonymous with discovery. On an excursion into the landscape he might forget to take food and water but he’ll never be without easel, paint, canvas and wonderment! William’s love for the natural world and his passion for the art of painting has produced some of the finest and well collected examples of American Impressionist landscape paintings. (Written by Focus on the Masters)

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