Ojai Wine Festival


Do you have Designated Driver tickets and Non-Drinking tickets available?
We do have Non-Drink General admission tickets available for Designated Drivers and anyone 13-20 years of age for sale only on event day. Designated Driver/Non-drink tickets are $25 and includes entry into the general admission Main Tasting Area where you can listen to live music, boogie on the dance floor, shop at the food and craft vendors, bid on the silent auction (must be 21 years or older to bid on silent auction) take a ride on the Rotary Boat and enjoy the beauty of the lake. A limited amount of free water and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available for non-drinkers at designated booths in the Main Tasting Area but is not part of their ticket price. These beverages are available for all attendees. VIP Lounge Non-Drink tickets are available for anyone over 21 years old; sorry no children are allowed in the VIP Lounge. Designated Driver/Non-drink admission does not include consumption of alcohol. If you choose to consume alcohol you will have to purchase a drinking admission ticket or be asked to leave the event.
Where can I buy tickets to the Ojai Wine Festival?
You can purchase tickets online through our website. If you prefer to purchase tickets in person, try our local box offices. Our box offices only accept cash, checks or money orders.
How do I receive my tickets once I purchase them?
If purchased online:

  • Tickets can be printed at home using a plain paper printer or you can save them to your mobile phone and they can be scanned at the event.

If purchased at a local box office:

  • Tickets will be handed to you once you have made your final purchase.
Can I buy my ticket at the event?
f tickets are not sold out, then you will be able to purchase them on event day at the higher event day price. We recommend you buy them in advance online for the lower pre-sale price.

Designated Driver tickets and Non-Drink tickets will be available to purchase on event day for $25.

There are a limited amount of Premiere General Admission and VIP tickets available, if they have not sold out, you can purchase them.

Ticket sales end at 3:00 pm on event day.

What is in the VIP Lounge?
Situated on the stunning Casitas lakefront, the VIP Lounge canopy caters to wine and beer connoisseurs. VIP admission includes all benefits of general admission + Meet and Greet with Barefoot Wines & Bubbly at event’s VIP grand entrance and receive a glass of Barefoot Bubbly, one hour early intimate tasting of wines and beer in the Main Tasting Area starting at 11 am before the main crowd arrives, then opening at 11:30am, the VIP Lounge offers shared premium shaded seating along the stunning lakefront, fine wines & craft beers by the glass, spirits & hors d’oeuvres. No children allowed, must be 21 years or older to enter. Seating is limited and shared by all VIP guests. Click here for more information.
Do you offer a special group ticket rate?'
Yes, we offer 2 tiers of group discounts: 10% off for groups of 10-19 people and 20% off for groups of 20 or more people. The % discount is off General admission tickets. Contact Groups@ojaiwinefestival.com for more details.
What time does the Ojai Wine Festival start and end?
Gates open early at 11:00 am for VIP and Premier General Admission Ticket holders.

The VIP Lounge opens at 11:30am.

12:00 pm for General Admission Ticket holders.

The event ends at 4:00 pm.

What are your rules / restrictions for the Ojai Wine Festival?
  • All patrons must pass through security before entering the event. All bags and coolers will be searched for outside alcoholic beverages. No weapons or illegal drugs are allowed.
  • No large shade umbrellas, you will be asked to take down your shade umbrella if you are blocking the view of other patrons.
  • No pop-up tents
  • No pets-No emotional support/comfort animals. (Service dogs are allowed accompanied by their owner and must be on a leash at all times. If the owner cannot control their service dog, we will ask them to exit the event. The safety of our patrons is most important to us.)
  • You must never remove your wristband during the event.
  • You cannot share wristbands with other patrons.
  • You must be 21 to bid on the silent auction items.
  • You must be 21 years old or older to consume alcohol and have valid proof of age to enter event. Be prepared to show your ID for proof of age before receiving your entry wristband.
  • No children in the VIP Lounge
  • You must be 21 years or older to purchase a VIP Non-Drinking ticket. You must be 21 years or older to enter the VIP Lounge.
  • VIP’s and Premier General admission patrons have 1-hour early entry at 11am. Please note that the VIP Lounge will not open until 11:30am. This is a great opportunity to taste the fantastic wines and beers available in the main tasting area before the main crowd arrives at noon.
  • VIP Lounge food must be consumed in the VIP Lounge and not removed from the canopy area. VIP patrons are not allowed to share VIP food with general admission patrons.
  • Seating in the VIP Lounge Area is limited and shared. Do not reserve or hold seats.
  • If you arrive late to the event, we cannot guarantee that all the wineries, breweries or VIP food vendors will still have food or beverages for you to sample.
  • By attending the event, you accept that pictures or video may be taken of you and used for advertising purposes.
  • No smoking except for in designated smoking areas away from the main event
  • Designated Driver/Non-Drinking tickets do not include alcohol consumption; you will be asked to leave the event or purchase a drinking admission ticket if you consume alcohol with a Non-Drinking Admission. Sharing alcoholic beverages with a Non-Drinking patron is not allowed.
  • Drink responsibly and have a designated driver to take you home or plan for a hired driver or shuttle ride.
  • All vehicles must be empty in the event parking area by 7pm on event day when the gates are locked.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the parking area by noon, the day after the event if left overnight. Any vehicles left after that time will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • You are not allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages inside the event and carry them out. You may order bottles or cases of wine from wineries for delivery to your home or business.
  • You must finish consuming your alcoholic beverage before exiting the event area. No open alcoholic beverage containers are allowed to be removed from the event site.
  • No illegal drugs.
  • No weapons.
What are you allowed to bring into the event site?
  • Picnic baskets and coolers with food
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in sealed containers
  • Low rise chairs
  • Blankets
  • Small sun umbrellas, (If your umbrella is too large and causes a disruption, you will be asked to take it down.)
  • Children are allowed in the Main Tasting Area and 12 years and under are free admission
  • Properly trained, medically necessary Service Animals are allowed with their accompanying owner who needs their assistance.
Where does the Ojai Wine Festival take place? I need directions to the Ojai Wine Festival, how do I get there?
The Ojai Wine Festival is held at Lake Casitas Recreation Area Event Site located at 11093 Santa Ana Road Ventura, CA 93001 always on the 2nd Sunday in June. Parking is directly across from the event site and costs $10 per car (cash only) or you can purchase online from our website and print out your parking pass. You may have to take a lengthy walk to get to the entrance depending where you are parked in the parking lot. There is no Valet or VIP parking. Handicapped parking is available.

Click here for maps & directions.

Where do I park and is there a parking fee?'
Parking is directly across from the event site and costs $10 (cash only) day per car or you can purchase online through our website and print out your parking pass. You may have to walk a ways to get to the entrance depending on where you are parked in the parking lot. There is no Valet or VIP parking. There is a special parking lot for busses. Click here for details. Handicapped parking is available.
What if it rains?
Well we really need the rain but it has never rained at our event and we expect perfect weather again this year. This is a rain or shine event. The Festival will go on regardless of the weather. If it looks like rain, bring an umbrella! No refunds will be given. (The sun at the lake can be bright and you may get a sunburn. Bring sunscreen and wear a hat.)
Are there places to sit down? Are there picnic tables?
There are no chairs in the Main Tasting Area but there is a sprinkling of picnic tables with bench seats on the event site for your use. We do ask that you share with other patrons when you are finished eating. The majority of these tables are near the “restaurant row” on the far side of the event site. You may bring in low back chairs, blankets to lie on the grass and small sun umbrellas. We do not allow large umbrellas as they cause a disruption for patrons trying to watch the bands. If an umbrella is too large, we will ask you to take it down. The VIP Lounge does have limited seating and tables with umbrellas, which are meant to be shared by all VIP patrons.
Are there food vendors where I can purchase a meal or a snack?
Yes, there is a nice selection of local Ojai and surrounding area restaurants where you can purchase a meal or snack. Click here to see the selection of restaurants.
How many wines and beers can I taste?
Your admission ticket entitles you unlimited wine and beer tasting privileges. You will also be given a keepsake crystal wine glass and an event guide that lists all the wineries and breweries to choose from. Wines samples are 1 to 1 ½ ounces and beer is no more than 3 ounces. There will be over 250 wines and 30 craft beers to sample. There are spirits samplings in the VIP Lounge. Pace yourself and don’t overindulge! Spit buckets are provided along with water to drink.
What if I lose my ticket or I cannot attend the event?
Keep your local box office tickets in a safe place! If they are lost there will be no refund, no replacements. If you have purchased them online through our website, we can resend you your confirmation and you will be able to print your tickets. You can also send them to your mobile phone and they can be scanned on event day from your phone. Again, no refunds for any reason. By purchasing tickets to the Ojai Wine Festival, you have just made the world a better place.  The Ojai Wine Festival is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Ojai-West Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. 100% of proceeds go to fund local community and international projects. Thank you for supporting the Rotary Club of Ojai West Foundation, Inc.
Are there places to stay in Ojai?
There are lots of nice hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and VRBO’s to stay at in Ojai and the surrounding areas. Casa Ojai Inn, The Emerald & Blue Iguana Inns, Su Nido Inn, and Ojai Valley Inn are a few great hotels to stay at.
Is the event site at the Ojai Wine Festival handicap accessible?
The event is not designed for handicapped individuals but there are level or paved areas where a handicapped person can easily move about in a wheelchair or by using a walker and handicapped bathrooms are furnished. Handicapped parking is available. Click here for Handicapped parking directions.
What important items should I bring with me to the event? Tips for a fun time:
Remember to bring:

  • Your legal ID to show proof of age
  • Your admission ticket. We will be scanning all tickets for entry into the event.
  • $10 for parking fee, cash only at event or you can purchase them on our website and print them out.

Tips for a fun time:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, the event site is large with some uneven grass areas, a few hills and some trees.
  • Bring a hat and wear sunscreen.
  • Bring chairs or a blanket to spread out on the grass to take a break, listen to the bands and enjoy the beautiful lake.
  • There is a free shuttle from Ojai that runs every half hour.
  • Gates open at 11:00 am for VIP and Premier General Admission Ticket holders / 12:00 pm for General Admission Ticket holders.
  • The event ends at 4:00 pm, music ends at 4:30pm
  • Don’t forget to pick up an Event Guide at the entry gate. This lists: all the wineries, breweries, vendors, restaurants, event map, details about the VIP Lounge and check out the Silent Wine Auction for some great buys!
  • Bring some cash to buy a delicious lunch or snack at the wonderful array of restaurants on site.
I don’t want to drink and drive, do you have a shuttle I can take?
Good! Please consume safely. Bring a designated driver. There is a free shuttle from Ojai that runs on the half hour at four convenient locations. Click here for details.

Uber, Lyft and taxi services can take you to the festival or pick you up as well.

Where does the Ojai Wine Festival take place?
The Ojai Wine Festival is held at Lake Casitas Recreation Area Event Site located at 11093 Santa Ana Road Ventura, CA 93001 on the second Sunday in June.

Parking is directly across from the event site and costs $10 per car, cash only or purchase before the event online and print out your parking pass.

Are children allowed?
Although the event is not designed for children, we do allow children less than 13 years to enter free with a paid adult into the General Admission Main Tasting Area only. No children are allowed in the VIP Lounge. There is a small child’s playground in the event area and they are welcome to board the Rotary Boat for a ride when accompanied by an adult. Teens and young adults 13-20 years old may purchase a non-drinking general admission ticket for $25.
What kind of entertainment do you have at the Ojai Wine Festival?
We have up to two fantastic live bands Click here to learn more. Get down and boogie on the lakeside dance floor. Take a free boat ride on the Rotary Boat (weather and lake levels permitting).
How can I become a craft vendor at the Ojai Wine Festival?
We have a limited number of craft vendor booths available for rent at the Ojai Wine Festival. If you would like more information, email our vendor coordinator vendors@ojaiwinefestival.com.
Do you have a Silent Auction?
Yes, we do have a silent auction specializing in fine wines, wine tasting certificates, winery tour certificates, gift baskets and some lovely products from our craft and food vendors. You must be 21 years or older to bid on the silent auction.
I would like to volunteer.
There are volunteer opportunities at the Ojai Wine Festival. Click here for details.
What if I have a medical emergency during the event?
We have an ambulance at the event site and trained medical personnel available to help you with a medical emergency at all times.
Will there be police officers at the event?
Yes, we hire off duty police officers to work at our event. We also have a six security staff wearing a special security vest to help identify themselves to patrons that need help.
Who runs the Ojai Wine Festival and what are the funds raised used for?
The Ojai Wine Festival is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Ojai-West Foundation, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization. Since its inception the Ojai Wine Festival has raised over $1,400,000.00. All net proceeds from The Ojai Wine Festival will go to aid The Rotary Club of Ojai West Foundation’s charitable projects which focus on improving education, aiding with women and children’s health, and supporting activities that enrich the lives of area youth. Fitting examples of important projects include our science based Rotary Floating Classroom, Third Grade Dictionary Project, Nordhoff High School’s “Service Above Self” scholarships for graduating seniors and the Girl’s Empowerment Workshop. Every year we pick a special international service project to donate to. The Rotary of Ojai West Foundation, Inc. supports many international projects that help protect the environment and drinking water, implement literacy programs, combat poverty, protect women and children’s health, eradicate polio worldwide and other diseases as well as support grants for Peace Projects. This year our international project is Polio Plus: the worldwide fight to eradicate poliomyelitis which, is a paralyzing and potentially deadly infectious disease that most commonly affects children under the age of 5. For a complete list of the Rotary Club of Ojai-West’s projects please see https://portal.clubrunner.ca/2844Donate to our cause »
Can I bring my pet, emotional comfort animal, service dog, to the Ojai Wine Festival?
No. Pets are NOT ALLOWED into the event site. The Ojai Wine Festival does not allow animals or emotional support/comfort pets into the event site area where the Ojai Wine Festival occurs. Emotional support dogs/animals are NOT covered under the ADA and are NOT ALLOWED into the Ojai Wine Festival event site, even if you have an ID for them. The Ojai Wine Festival can get very crowded and is not a good setting for animals to be in.

We understand that service animals have an important purpose. We need to ask two questions of you:
Is your service animal required because of a disability? If the answer is YES then we ask you:
What necessary tasks is your service animal trained to perform? If you can answer this question and the person needing medical help from the service animal is attending the event then you may bring your service animal into the event.
We expect that during the event, your Service animal must be standing on all four legs on the ground with a leash on (as all service animals are trained and required to do) and if you have a service animal vest, we would greatly appreciate that they wear it so patrons know that your animal is a service animal although that is not required. If your Service Animal is interrupting other patrons with its behavior, is a danger to anyone or its conduct is not conduct acceptable in a Service Animal (barking, growling, stealing food from other patrons, knocking people over, jumping, or other aggressive behaviors), by law, we have the right to ask you to remove the animal from the premises to protect other patrons. Be prepared for a crowded setting that your service animal will have to navigate through.